The Lake / Sumter branch of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) offers scholarships to women who have completed the first two years or 60 undergraduate credits of a bachelors degree.

Each year we award  scholarships to support women as they complete the last two years of their undergraduate work. Winners receive an award for their junior year and, assuming progress, they receive a continuing award for their senior year.

Each year, the application process begins in the fall, and winners are presented at our May General Meeting. Since 1988, we have awarded over 40 scholarships to deserving young women.

Contact Carolyn Johnson, chair of the Scholarship Committee, for information and the current application forms ( 


2019 Hannah Harrington, Josephine Goodman
(Sec. Year) Suzanne Chaar, Deanna Giesel
2018 Suzanne Chaar, Deanna Giesel
(Second Year) Haley Mariner, Selina Hickey
2017 Haley Mariner, Selina Hickey
(Second Year) Kate Reynolds, Katie Beason
2016 Kate Reynolds, Katie Beason
(Second Year) Faith Gadson, Monika Lamud
2015 Faith Gadson, Monika Lamud,
(Second Year) Sharon Pryor, Ana Ruiz
2014 Ana Ruiz, Sharon Pryor
(Second Year) Ashley Parkhurst, Amber Sode
2013 Ashley Parkhurst, Amber Sode
(second year) Evelyn Guzman, Michelle Benghtt
2012 Evelyn Guzman, Michelle Benghtt
(second year) Jessica Bowling, Ashley Lake
2011 Jessica Bowling, Ashley Lake 2010 Shelby Carpenter, Alyssa Ferris 2009 Tanisha Lashawn Whittaker 2008 Chelsea Kavanaugh 2007 Connie Bame 2005 Angel Foster 2004 Lisa Marie Campbell 2003 Amy Lee 2002 Shannon Parker 2001 Kristen Del Llano 1999 Sherry Lewis 1998 Christine Haun, Rachelle Lucas 1997 Judy Craig, Shannon Locke 1996 Mistie Mendendorp, Alicia Nicholson 1995 Teni Powa Aten, Kathryn Heim 1994 Shannon Cilio 1991 Tamara Bradshaw 1990 Amy Cockcroft 1988 Georgette Miller