Appointed Committees

2020-2021 List of Officers and Key Leaders in the Lake/Sumter Branch AAUW

Board of Directors: Elected and Appointed Officers:
Elected Officers (Executive Committee)
Co-Presidents: Anne Wilkins, Katie Haviland
Co-Presidents Elect: Gay Birchard and Anne Sobocinski
Co-Program Directors: Marianne Bender-Powers , Vacant position
Co-Membership Directors: Susan Gold, Karen Pickelsimer
Co-Finance Directors: Margie Hunt, Terri Slotterback
Co-Secretaries: Sharron Albrecht,Nancy Hartshorn

Appointed Officers are Chairpersons (appointed by the President and affirmed by the Board of Directors)
Fundraising Director: – Diane Jacobson
Public Policy:
Communications: Jacquie Latzer,


Bylaws: to be appointed as needed

Diversity and Inclusion: Linda Carpenter, Chair; Jacquie Latzer, Kathy Mason, Judy Reinhardt, Laurel Rowen, Diane Starr, Jeannie Hamilton

Hospitality/Sunshine: Linda Clark and Sharon Squires, Co-Chairs; Linda Macleod

Name Tag/Sign In: Ann Marie Lombardi, Marilyn Milne

Neighborhood List: Carmel Leese

Local Database: Carmel Leese


Policies: Judy Bonn, Diane Reichert and Ann Wilkins

Scholarship Committee: Carolyn Johnson, Chair; Barbara Fisler, Diane Jacobson, Gretchen Lewis, Marge McQueston, Kathy Mason, Laurel Rowen,

Other Key Leaders appointed by the President
AAUW Legal Advocacy, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Public Policy Funds: Diane Geach
Book Drive: Emily Holman
College/University Partner Relations:
Email Distribution: Carolee Litwinka
Historian: Ginny Rivera
Newsletter Editor: Beth Hicks
STEM and Tech Trek: Connie Konatsotis
Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK): Judy Bonn, Linda Carpenter, Gail Formanack, Susan Gold, Char Griffin and Carolyn Johnson
Webmaster: Diane Jacobson