Leadership Teams

Branch 2020-2021 Director

Elected Directors (Executive Board)  

Co-Presidents: Anne Wilkins, Katie Haviland
Co-Presidents-Elect: Gay Birchard, Anne Sobocinski
Co-Secretaries: Sharron Albrecht, Nancy Hartshorn
Co-Membership: Susan Gold, Karen Pickelsimer
Co-Finance: Margie Hunt, Terri Slotterback
Co-Program: Marianne Bender-Powers

The full Board of Directors includes three Appointed Directors appointed by the Board . The Appointed Directors are:
Communications: Jacquie Latzer
Fund Raising: Diane Jacobson|
Public Policy:  Diane Reichert

The Board meets in the Conference Room, Sumter County Sheriff’s Annex (HWY466) at 10 AM the first Tuesday of the month with the exception of Sept 2019 which will be on the second Tuesday., Sept. 14. The Board operates under the the Florida Sunshine Law and Board meetings are open to all branch members. The meeting has a fixed agenda; if you wish to be on the agenda, contact the President one week in advance.
Director voting rights – Each director position has only one vote. When both co-directors are in attendance, each one will have ½ vote as described in the bylaws.

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