Welcome to Lake/Sumter AAUW Florida Branch

New feature on our  In our members only area- (check your membership book for the password)  there is a list of our members as presented in the new Blue Membership Book is available and you can search it with your regular web browser tools.  It has very basic search capabilities and is  handy if you are trying to search for a fellow college graduate.

The latest neighborhood list is stored in the members only area as is all of our Newsletters.

Reminder –  the branch needs a new webmaster – Diane Reichert is retiring from the job.

The Presidents ask that if you have purchased something for your project and are not asking for reimbursement, to please complete a voucher for our records.  They are developing a complete  accounting for activities.   The voucher form has been updated
– LakeSumter-Expense-Voucher-rev2

Lake/Sumter Summertime Notes from new Presidents Jacquie and Susan

We are excited that at our “Jump Start” Board meeting  was held on June 14, 2017.  And the group came up with a Vision Statement and identified Priorities on which to work for the upcoming year. We happily share these as follows:

Vision Statement:
An active organization that impacts equity for women and girls in our community.

Priorities established by the group:
Increase Membership
Engage new and existing members
Increase Recognition of who/what is AAUW i.e. “branding”
Public Policy – greater presence
Special Activities
Celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the start of this branch

Reminder  -Due to the hurricane, the September 9 meeting was rescheduled to Sept 23. .

Additional notes from WebMaster
Our new fiscal year has begun. 
The new presidents are busy reaching out to branch members who may have a little time to help the board of directors and branch committees.  Additional volunteers are needed to help with the operations for next year:  program committee, finance committee, fundraising committee,  membership,  casino fund raiser, and others.   Reminder to all –  the branch has grown to 147 members and we have additional members joining every year.  We are starting to use social media more as a method of communicating and for publicity.  Please bring your special skills to the team.
Contact Presidents Jacquie Latzer (jacquie.latzerATgmail.com) and Susan Gold  (susangold28ATgmail.com)    Please note that @ replaces AT when emailing.

The Co-Chairs,  of the Casino Night Fund Raising Event  (scheduled for Jan. 27, 2018) are asking members to join in the effort of this major fundraising event.  Contact the Co-chairs: Cathy Cirocco and Liz Schweers.

The Finance Directors are ready for one or two members to start training for a Finance Director Position.

The TechTrek/Stem team worked hard to select 12 young women to attend this year’s  TechTrek Camp and 5 of our 12 candidates were selected   Here is the website that gives you more information and lets you know where to send donations.  Special Projects  http://techtrek-fl.aauw.net/

The new bylaws are in effect   – Lake-Sumter-AAUW-Bylaws-2017-approvedMar2017-FINALjkb.    These bylaws clarified some confusing language and now we should be in good shape as we move forward.

Direct email from our branch:  Carolee Litwinka sends out  emails about activities and information which are important to all of us. Watch for our AAUW emails coming from Carolee or   lakesumteraauw@gmail.com

Check for Updates for Monthly Meetings and locations on our
Calendar of Events

Do you have  questions on any duties and responsibilities of our committees or leadership positions?
Take a look at our booklet of
Duties and Responsibilities: Officers-Committees_Duties_v2.1_042715 .

To find our branch online:
Make use of your search engines by using these keywords:
lake sumter aauw website , lake sumter aauw facebook

Don’t forget –  your internet searching tools are your BEST friends.

At the General Meetings, generic branch business cards are available for any and all members working on various projects and gathering donations.  Take as many as you need.  We will try to keep a good supply available at all times.  Our status with FL Consumer Services is very good and we need to maintain our reputation.
On the back of the card – is   disclosure information REQUIRED by the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services for all advertisements, handouts, or whatever is used for solicitations.
A copy of the official registration and financial information may be obtained from the Division of Consumer Services by calling toll-free (800-435-7345) within state or visiting www.800helpfla.com. Registration does not imply endorsement, approval, or recommendation by the State.

Lake/Sumter AAUW  Registration Number is CH8258.  ( Required disclosure information Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services)”